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Service & Repair


We do our best to bring the out the best performance possible from your bicycle. 

Before you stop by, here are a few helpful tips to make you experience fast and fun.

SERVICE & REPAIR ESTIMATES: Bring your bike in so we can go through it with you. THATS FREE! After we've taken a look at it, we can then work with you to find the best service plan or repair quote that meets your needs. If we need to order parts, bear in mind that many are hard to come by and may take time. We will let you know if we expect a long wait on parts so you can plan accordingly.

MINOR REPAIRS/ FLATS: WE FIX ALL FLATS ON THE SPOT! $21.81 w/tax. If you just need a minor adjustment or repair and we can fix your bike on the spot we will.

Full Service Tune-Up


Let us go through your bike and dial it in for riding. This is the perfect option if its been sitting in the garage for a short time since you last got out and rode it.

Adjust front and rear derailleurs (limit screws, cable tension, lube cables and pivot points)

Adjust front and rear brakes (lubricate cables and pivot points, adjust cable tension and pad position)

True front and rear wheels

Adjust headset and bottom bracket

Clean and lube chain

Inflate tires to proper pressure

Perform safety check and torque all bolts to spec

Deluxe Tune-Up


We take things a bit further by removing your drivetrain and bathing it in our parts washer while giving your frame a nice cleaning.

Deluxe Tune-Up includes the following in addition to a Full Service Tune Up

The drivetrain which includes the crankset, front and rear derailleurs is removed and bathed in our parts cleaner. 

No labor is charged for installing new cables.

The bicycle is cleaned thoroughly

Complete Overhaul


We recondition your bicycle from top to bottom and make it feel as if it was new again.

The bicycle receives a Deluxe Tune-Up.

The bike is entirely disassembled, cleaned and polished.

The hubs, headset and bottom bracket are overhauled.

Loose ball and/or retainer bearings, all cables, and basic grips or cork bar tape are all replaced.



Full Service Tune-up

Deluxe Tune-up

Complete Overhaul

Brake adjustmentIncludedIncludedIncluded
Derailleur adjustment
Headset, bottom bracket, hubs adjustmentIncludedIncludedIncluded
True wheels & properly inflate tiresIncludedIncludedIncluded
Clean & Lube drivetrainIncludedIncludedIncluded
Clean & Lube pivot pointsIncluded
Remove & deep clean drivetrain -
Full bike wash & polish
Headset overhauled - -Included
Bottom bracket overhauled - -Included
Front & rear hubs overhauled - -Included
Cables replaced (as needed) - -Included
Basic grips/cork bar tape replaced - -Included

Additional Services

Custom Bike Build $200.00 
 A complete bicycle assembly starts with a bare frame. This includes installing and adjusting every component. Frame prep, wheel building, and parts are not included in the cost of the build.

Bicycle Assembly $100.00

 Full assembly and adjustment of a boxed bicycle. 

Pack and Box Bicycle                                                                                                                                                                   $100.00 
 The bicycle is partially disassembled, wrapped, and packed into a cardboard bicycle box. Packing material is used to wrap the bicycle and is used to ensure a tight secure fit in the box.